What is Plexr® Soft Surgery?


Plexr® Soft Surgery treatment, also referred to as ‘plasma skin tightening’, is an innovative technique used at the Urban Aesthetix Clinic to remove excess skin around the eyes, chin or on the face. It can even obtain the same results as traditional cosmetic surgery for a facelift – but without the need for a scalpel, laser or stitches.


This non-invasive treatment is carried out with the hand-held wireless Plexr® device. Plexr® (which stands for Plasma Exeresis) uses a controlled micro-beam of plasma energy, which is the fourth state of matter.


Gases in the air are ionised to create a small electrical discharge as a result of the difference in voltage between the Plexr® tip and your skin. This is like a safe, tiny lightning bolt that targets the problem dermal or epidermal areas and avoids spreading unwanted heat to the surrounding areas of skin. There is no electric current and the treatments result in tissue retraction and tightening for noticeable results.



What is Plexr® Soft Surgery used for?

Plexr® produces a focussed micro-plasma beam to treat dermal and epidermal areas affected by loose skin and skin problems. Plasma stimulates the instant contraction and tightening of skin fibres. For example:


  • Baggy eyelids (blepharoplasty): to remove excess skin from your eyelids and tighten loose eyelid skin
  • Hooded eyelids: to treat droopy eyelids that give you a tired look
  • Necklift: to treat stubborn fat pockets and remove excess neck skin, whether as a double chin or sagging jawline
  • Facelift: to remove unwanted skin in a non-surgical facelift without the complications and recovery time associated with traditional surgical facelifts
  • Lines and wrinkles: to treat smoker’s lines and ageing facial wrinkles.


Plexr® can also be used as an effective alternative to certain surgical and medical procedures. For example:

  • Acne spots: to treat active acne without the need for medication
  • Acne scarring: to eliminate unsightly acne scars
  • Keloid scar removal: to remove unwanted scars that have grown larger than the initial wound they were healing
  • Stretch marks: to improve the appearance of stretch marks (striae)
  • Tattoo removal: to treat and remove skin discolouration with tattoos
  • Belly button stretch marks: to tighten the belly buttonarea through belly button lifting
  • Benign skin growths and lesions: to remove moles and warts without the need for cutting
  • Age spots: to treat pigmentation, brown spots and sun spots.

What does Plexr® Soft Surgery treatment involve?

Treatment is simple and safe if carried out by Dr Unnati, who is an experienced and fully qualified clinician, following a detailed consultation to examine the areas to treat and decide on what is best for you. Plexr® is strictly for use by medical personnel, who have received specialised training.


The Soft Surgery treatment is performed through dots made with the Plexr® device at 500 microns apart to stimulate skin fibres to instantly contract and tighten. Each of these dots sublimates (the process of changing a solid into a gas) superficial skin cells without causing bleeding or damaging surrounding tissue.


Before carrying out the treatment, Dr Unnati may administer a topical local anaesthetic cream or a nerve block to minimise the risk of discomfort during the procedure.


The treatment can take up to 30 minutes, depending on the area(s), and you can resume most normal daily activities immediately afterwards.

How soon should you notice a difference?

You should notice results right after your first plasma skin tightening treatment, which should gradually improve over the following 2 – 4 weeks as the treatment stimulates the instant shortening of skin fibres in a process that will continue to take effect.

You may require more than one treatment to achieve optimal results which should be carried out at 6 – 8 weekly intervals – Dr Unnati will advise.

How long does Plexr® Soft Surgery treatment last?

The effectiveness of plasma skin tightening treatment depends on the number of treatments, your lifestyle and ageing process.

Are there any side effects to Plexr® Soft Surgery treatment?

This Soft Surgery procedure avoids many of the risks associated with traditional intervention, providing a quick and easy recovery. The treatment is performed without cutting or need of stitches. but without requiring anaesthesia, without scarring and without unnecessary risks.

Immediately after the plasma skin tightening treatment, the treated area will be quite red and mildly swollen. A carbon crust forms immediately at the site of each dot of treatment. You may experience some swelling and mild discomfort in the treated area which can last up to 3 days.

Unusual side-effects include infection, scarring and temporary changes in skin pigmentation but any likelihood can be minimised by following Dr Desai’s aftercare advice.

  • Any carbon crusts will fall off after 5-7 days. The carbon crusts should not be touched for 5-7 days except to camouflage them with a special post-procedure foundation
  • Avoid applying moisturising creams until the carbon crusts have fallen off
  • Any swelling around the eyes takes 5-7 days to settle
  • Avoid all direct sources of heat such as sun, UV radiation and saunas for 4 weeks.

When should Plexr® Soft Surgery not be used/be used with caution?

  • If there is infection at the site of treatment.

Points to consider

Any clinical procedure carries a risk of complications, which is why it is always highly advisable to have cosmetic treatments safely performed by a doctor. Dr Unnati is a GP and specialist Non-Surgical Aesthetic Physician, trained in dermatology and medical cosmetics.


The Urban Aesthetix Clinic follows strict guidelines in making patients fully aware of any possible cautions and complications, and in offering post treatment advice. Dr Unnati will undertake a full consultation before any new treatment can be given.