What are Aqualyx® permanent fat dissolving injections?


Aqualyx® is an injectable solution which can dissolve stubborn areas of subcutaneous fat that you may not be able to shift by diet and exercise alone. Aqualyx® liquefies the fat cell, destroying it permanently for a fat-loss facelift or more contoured body.


The body produces desoxycholan-acid; a bile acid which is made in the liver and helps the digestion of fat. The Aqualyx® solution contains this bile acid and its fat dissolving properties are used in this treatment.


Aqualyx works by locking onto the wall of the fat cell and making it unstable. This releases the content of fatty acid inside. The body then uses up the fatty acid as energy and removes the cell residue in its normal way.


The Aqualyx® method of fat removal is an ideal alternative to liposuction and laser lipo treatments which can result in bruising and swelling. It is not intended for weight loss, but to reduce stubborn pockets of fat and improve body contours.


What is Aqualyx® fat dissolving used for?

Aqualyx® is used in Aqualysis™ or Aquaplasty™ treatment to reduce localised, stubborn areas of fat. It can be injected over the entire body except around the eyes, with some areas particularly suitable for fat dissolving treatment. For example:

  • Chin: to reduce a double chin, chubby cheeks and heavy jowls in a fat-loss facelift
  • Love handles: to target fat cells in love handles and muffin tops
  • Flabby stomach: to reduce belly fat and a stomach paunch
  • Bra fat: to reduce awkward bra fat bulges and back bulge around the bra area
  • Outer and inner thighs: to target saddle bags and chubby thighs
  • Knees: to treat unwanted fat knees caused by fatty deposits around the knee area.


Aqualyx® can also be used for other body concerns:

  • Define a six pack: to give added definition when gym workouts may not be sufficient enough
  • Shrink lipomas: to reduce and even dissolve lipomas
  • Buffalo hump: to reduce extra fat around the neck and upper part of the back
  • Uneven fat lumps after liposuction: to have smoothness restored

What does Aqualyx® fat dissolving injection treatment involve?

Treatment is simple and safe if carried out by Dr Unnati, who is an experienced and fully qualified clinician, following a detailed consultation to examine the areas to treat and decide on the best HA filler for you.


An anaesthetic solution is normally added before the Aqualyx® injection for greater comfort. A very fine needle is used and most patients describe the procedure as slightly uncomfortable but not painful.


Treatment lasts 30 minutes and you can resume normal activities straightaway, but there may be swelling and discomfort for up to 48 hours. Avoid extreme heat and strenuous exercise for the next seven days. The fatty acids being released become additional energy, so it is essential to maintain a healthy diet as alternative fat depots in the body may be used to store fat.

How soon should you notice a difference?

Results and benefits differ for every patient.


The fat cells destroyed by Aqualyx® fat melting treatment are permanently eliminated from the body. A reduction in fat deposits is noticeable after just one treatment though the speed at which results are seen can vary depending on the stability of the cell membranes.


The treatment will be repeated between 3-8 times depending on the number of small pockets of fat tissue to be reduced. The injections are repeated every three to four weeks.

How long does Aqualyx® fat dissolving treatment last?

Any fat cells destroyed by Aqualyx® are permanently eliminated.


Please note that if you gain further weight, you may put it on in a different area to where you would have done before Aqualyx® fat melting treatment.

Points to consider

Any clinical procedure carries a risk of complications, which is why it is always highly advisable to have cosmetic treatments safely performed by a doctor. Dr Unnati is a GP and specialist Non-Surgical Aesthetic Physician, trained in dermatology and medical cosmetics.


The Urban Aesthetix Clinic follows strict guidelines in making patients fully aware of any possible cautions and complications, and in offering post treatment advice. Dr Unnati will undertake a full consultation before any new treatment can be given.

Are there any side effects to Aqualyx® fat dissolving injection treatment?

Aqualyx® is a compound solution from the naturally-occurring deoxycholate family that has been physically modified, resulting in minimal side effects. After treatment, you may experience some swelling, redness and a little skin irritation and tenderness in the area treated, which will ease after a few days.


The skin overlying the treated area will feel numb, even after the local anaesthetic wears off. This can persist for up to a month.


Systemic symptoms such as nausea, diarrhoea, intra-cyclical menstrual bleeding and hyperpigmentation may be developed but are rare.


When should Aqualyx® fat dissolving injections not be used/be used with caution?

  • While pregnant or breast feeding
  • If you are highly sensitive/ allergic to ingredients in the compound
  • If you have diabetes
  • If you have autoimmune conditions such as scleroderma
  • If you have severe liver disease or severe kidney disease
  • If you have acute or chronic skin diseases in the affected area
  • If on blood thinning medication, particularly warfarin
  • If the areas to be injected are inflamed or infected
  • If you are under 18 or over 60