What is anti-ageing skincare?


From around the age of 30, skin cellular activity slows down: wrinkles, skin laxity and hyperpigmentation start to appear. At the Urban Aesthetix Clinic, we offer a range of specially selected anti-ageing skincare products, designed to help whatever your skin condition, age, gender or ethnicity.


As we get older, we need high levels of active ingredients such as vitamin A, vitamin C and lactic acid to kick start cells to produce collagen and elastin to create and maintain healthy skin. However, normal over-the-counter products lack such high levels required.


Dr. Obagi’s ZO® range and the Tebiskin® range are therapeutic treatment protocols available only by prescription, with skincare regimes for healthier skin, based on the latest advances in skin therapy technology for a more effective medical approach.


Why consider anti-ageing skincare?

The ZO® range and the Tebiskin® range consist of products, protocols and treatments for a wide range of skin disorders and chronic conditions, such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation, acne, scars, stretch marks, sun spots and photo-damaged skin which, if left untreated, may develop into skin cancer over the years.


There are also medical-grade anti-ageing products designed to maintain the results of therapeutic treatments, protect skin from the environment and maintain a healthy skin and fresh-looking appearance.


ZO® and Tebiskin® products may also be used to prepare skin before a clinical procedure in order to boost results.

What does anti-ageing skincare involve?

Treatment is simple and safe if carried out by Dr Unnati, who is an experienced and fully qualified clinician, following a detailed consultation to examine the areas to treat and decide on what is best for you.

How soon should you notice a difference?

Changes are noticeable after the first 6 weeks, but optimal results take at least 3 months.

How long does anti-ageing skincare last?

Dr Unnati will advise you at your consultation.

Are there any side effects to anti-ageing skincare?

Dr Unnati will advise you at your consultation.

When should anti-ageing skincare not be used/be used with caution?

Dr Unnati will advise you at your consultation.

Points to consider

The Urban Aesthetix Clinic follows strict guidelines in making patients fully aware of any possible cautions and complications, and in offering post treatment advice. Dr Unnati is a GP and specialist Non-Surgical Aesthetic Physician, trained in dermatology and medical cosmetics and will undertake a full consultation before any new treatment can be given.