A reliance on fillers (and Botox)

This is something I see quite a lot – a reliance on fillers (and Botox) to keep a ‘youthful’ look – and the result is what they call ‘pillow face’.
You may have heard the term and it refers to a puffed up look when people have too much filler.
It’s important to think about because injectables are are just one part of the skin story.There are others to consider as well that will address our skin’s firmness and appearance.

These are:

– diet and lifestyle,
– skin care products with active ingredients and
– skin rejuvenation treatments/procedures.

Certain skin care procedures like PRP, microneedling or energy-based treatments like laser, can help improve the skin’s appearance and texture by encouraging collagen production which helps give the skin a firmer look.

Certain key ingredients is well formulated skin care products- like retinol, vitamins B3, C, E and ferulic acid – to name a few can help improve skin tone, firmness and protect and repair cells.

A good diet, exercise and plenty of sleep can help too. (Reducing alcohol and quitting smoking too, are vital!)

So, it’s important to take a multi-pronged approach to your skincare if you want yo keep it looking good.

If you want to know which steps would suit your skin needs best come in and see me and we can make a plan to suit your skin!

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